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July 09, 2011


First off, your girls are beautiful. I really love the most recent picture of Veronica smiling on a blanket.

My first and second (both boys) are much the same as yours. First is now 4.5 and always full of drama and second is energetic, but laid-back at the same time. In the first few weeks of #2's life I actually called my midwife over to the house more than once to weigh the baby and check up on him because I thought there might be something wrong with him - he nursed so easily and quickly, fell asleep on his own, and hardly ever cried. I didn't know babies could be so, well, easy. Turns out he is now 2.5 and is just a happy kid.

FYI, 3.5 was the most difficult age with the older, dramatic one (except for the newborn period). It was really the only age where there were stretches of time I didn't like him. But 4 years old is awesome - he is able to modulate his emotions much better and is so independent.

This gives me great hope for the possibility of a calm, laid-back #2 someday. E is NOT that.

Lauren is so lovely.

She is fabulous! Look at that silver glove. Is this from one of your costumes?

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