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April 27, 2011


UG. So sorry, hon.

Damnit! So sorry. Hope you got to take some drugs before to pushing of u/s. Sending you uncomplicated thoughts.

Hope it goes ok! Surely they'll have to take the damn ute out if it's not good?

This is beyond unfair. I'm so sorry.

Aw, everyone is being so nice. And here I was fantasizing about slicing that sucker open and letting the goo drain out...

I'll be praying for a severed nerve instead. Not because it hurts less, but because it goes away on its own and doesn't require any further futzing.

Poor honey! That's no fun... Can you ask the dr to try switching you to vicodin? Some people who don't tolerate percocet well do just fine on vicodin... or even Tylenol/codeine if the vicodin is no good for you. Worth trying till you are comfortable!

hope you are better soon...

Congrats on your beautiful baby!

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