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November 02, 2007


:( :( I am so sorry for both of you that you had to go through that. And I thought I was traumatized from the immunizations. I hope you're feeling better about it soon--give her lots and lots of cuddles.

I am so very sorry you both had to go through that experience. My fingers are crossed that Lauren will not require surgical intervention.

Oh, man, that sucks. Poor baby. And poor you. There's not much worse than watching your kid hurting and not being able to do anything about it.

Oh my GOD. I am SO SORRY momma. I couldn't have handled that. I can't even handle it when my kids get shots, and I absolutely refused to circumcise my son because I refused to put him through that pain (among other reasons)

I would have been bawling, I can't even imagine. I am so so so sorry Melissa!

Hope that kidney just shrinks up and goes away...poor little baby :(

Oh God, that sounds horrific. I'm so glad it's over. I'll be praying that that doorstop of a kidney obligingly disappears.

that does sound pretty sucky. oy.

Oh I'm bawling right now because I know I couldn't do that ... I send Carter to do blood draws with the girls. I can just see her looking at you and it is breaking my heart. I'm glad it is over, I hope that kidney does the right thing.

Me too. In tears just thinking of the torture. I'm so gald that it's over. PLease PLEASE give her a big kiss from me. How is she feeling today? Poor little sweetheart. :(

OMG. That puts the CT scan my, then, 4 month-old had to endure and me) to shame. So sorry for both of you. Let's hope for shrinkage.

I am so sorry it was so horrible for both of you. My son has had the same renal scan but here (UK) they don't do the bladder catheter and diruetic just the radioactive isotope so two sources of pain are gone. Hoping hard for shrinkage.

I can't imagine going through that. :( I am so sorry for you and for Lauren that you had to. I hope that it shrinks and no surgery is necessary.

Oh... I am sorry. The procedure sounds terrible and the outcome is not good.
I hope the bad kidney goes away and surgery is not necessary.

OMG, poor Rennie (and you!)!!! I would've been an absolute MESS, just like I know you were. I think my poor mother is still traumatized from when I had an intestinal infection that almost killed me when I was 6 wks old. She still cries every time she sees the photos of my tiny body in that big hospital bed. So, if someone tells you later to get over it, tell them to eff off.

I really hope everything works out with her kidney. I'm sending tons of good vibes your way. Small consolation, I know, but it's what I can do from here. Let me know if you need anything, ok?

Oh I am so sorry! Poor baby. Poor mama :-(

I am so sorry that sounds like it sucked. Just out of curiosity did they offer to sedate her for it next time? At the hospital I work at they do conscious sedation for some of those things...

Oh my God, I am so incredibly sorry. It sounds beyond awful and it made me tear up to read this. I'll be hoping and praying for the best possible outcome from here on.

Ugh. I'm so sorry, that sounds like an awful experience all around.

This post made me cringe. So sorry you had to endure that.

I can't imagine how awful that appointment must have been. Poor Lauren and poor mama.

It sounds like the worst kind of torture for you and so scary for your little girl. I feel so badly you had to go through that. What you described reminds me somewhat of what I felt when Tiny Boy was in the NICU, all those tubes and wires and nothing I could do but pump and wait and hope like mad.

Big kudos to though you for making it through what you needed to do for your little girl's sake. What a truly great Mom you are! I will be hoping that kidney disappears quickly and quietly.

Breaks my heart...

I don't know how you survived that. That is the worst feeling in the world--as they stare in your eyes asking why you're letting you do that to them. And there's no way to explain.

My heart goes out to you.

Absolutely hideous - I'm so sorry.

It sounds absolutely awful. I will be hoping that it shrivels up and goes away, with knobs on.

oh my gosh! How horrible for you both! Poor baby :-( I am sorry that you have to endure such things.

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