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January 12, 2007


I am so happy for you! Will keep as many parts as I can spare crossed that little one keeps on keepin' on.


Hoping that there is nothing but good news for you from here on in.

Heee! All you had to do was relax! But seriously, so happy for you that NBHHY!

wow...i keep reading and all i can say is...wow!

you SO deserve it!!!!!

Cruise or not, there must have been some relaxing in there somewhere. Maybe some crack?

Holy shit!!

I go on vacation for a week, finally break down and check on my "innernet" buddies the day before I come home, and I get this wonderful news!

Kick ass!

Still going for NBHHY until whatever happens (hopefully a birth) happens.

I am shamelessly de-lurking for this one. First, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm doing back flips over answered prayer. Next, I'm going to say two words that would kick the benefits of said cruise's a** any day: "the experiment"


Just goes to show you. You "relaxed." So, wanting to punch fertiles in the face for even suggesting it. I found that once I accepted the idea of childfree life, I had a successful IVF. NBHH. OWH.

I have a very good feeling this #10 will make it. Love M

Have all my bits crossed for you!

Wishing you and the little overacheiver the very best.

YAY! Congratulations!!! This is such wonderful news!

Don't you love being a cliché? Welcome to the club. We meet on the 10th of every month.

Much love and hugs, evelin

Just wait until your family finds out.

"I TOLD her YEARS ago all she had to do was relax! She should have listened"


YEA for high betas! So very very happy for you. "Primarily, for this completely unexpected bit of life (for however long he or she lasts)"...lets hope he or she sticks around for the next 36 weeks or so!

NBHHY! and lets keep it that way!

I am so pleased! Even though I am an sporadic reader/lurker. Just so, so happy for you.

WOW WOW WOW! It must be because you were thinking about going on that cruise. ;) Now go take some more vicodin so this one will stick.

Well you didn't fall into the 'just take a cruise' category but you are falling into the 'as soon as you stop trying it will happen' category! Whatever the category, I hope this wonderful trend continues for you so I can put you on the urband legend list!

That's a beautiful beta!

One day at a time and NBHHY. I am soooo thrilled for you. I hope everything continues to go right when you start out by doing everything wrong. It kindda makes you think sometimes. I only wish you the best.

yeah, I just pounded my fists into the air and shouted 'yeah baby!', so, um, I'm pulling for you.


This is my punishment for not keeping up on blogs. I only found out about this NOW.

IMing you now.

De-lurking to say HOLY SHIT!!!

Your betas are looking awesome!! I'm so, so thrilled for you!

I can't believe I'm just reading this now! Teaches me to get behind in my blog reading!!

Ooh, I'm giddy!! Wow!

lovely numbers! Yeah, you'd be like Jo, but worse...heheheh

Love those numbers. Huzzah.


See... all you had to do was relax! heehee! But seriously, I'm just so freaking excited for you!! I'll say it again.. "You nevvver know.....!"
Now... stay stuck baby! :-)

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