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October 11, 2005


You slay me. I didn't know you were back in school....what are you going to be when you're finished growing up???

And Miss K-K H-C-X better hope that she doesn't have any PPD because there will be no help for her then, either. TC is such an ass whore.

Oh gawd I love you.

Someone once told me, and I have no way of knowing where they heard this from, but that L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology as a bet with a friend that he could actually 'create' a religion. And you know what? I don't know the validity of that statment, but it makes the most sense to me of anything I've ever heard. And oh yes, dear trolls, I DO have some experience with the religion having lived in LA -- kind of hard to NOT find someone who practices down there, so um, yeah, what Ollie said -- Cruise is an ass whore.

I hope you get an A for your brilliant analysis of that symbol.

First time poster... long time reader. Just have to say, personally, I love anyone who uses the term 'asswhore' liberally. :D

Totally in love with you for that.

Ass whore may be my new favorite saying!

Yeah she better hope she doesn't end up having to have a c-section cause it's gonna be a real bitch with no drugs and not being able to make a sound.

Oh and they also aren't supposed to talk for the first week of the baby's life. FUCKNUTS!

L. Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise are both asswhores.

Oh my god am I laughing. And my husband too. What a bunch of ass whores. What has poor little Kate gotten herself into?

Those alien worshoping idiots make me sick. I just want to vomit everytime I have to hear or see anything about those freaks. Tom C is a spoiled star who should keep his opinions to himself as everytime he opens his mouth he just keeps lossing brain cells. Katie good luck with your pregnancy but I guess your in "Doctor" Toms hands now. If anything goes wrong maybe the Aliens can take the probe out of Toms ass and help you with your pain. Beem me up Scotty because I am outtie!

Maybe Ms. Holmes will have terrible post partum depression and jump out of a window... then Tom can go..."hmmmm ... wow... it is a good thing I dig on guys."

PS I am pretty sure "asswhore" is the perfect thing nickname for Tom the manly action star.

I always love reading the "rules" women need to follow during childbirth as written by MEN.

Stupid fuckers.

And the more I learn about Cruise, the more I'm convinced that he is an oxygen thief.


I hope Katie bug has to have a c-section---even better I hope she gets gestational diabetes AND preeclampsia AND PPD!

Ok, no I don't really wish those things on her. But on him - only sort of in a getting ready to go out and find small animals to sacrifice under a full moon in the hopes that there really is JUSTICE in this world type of way.

'Apparently, every time a woman screams "ASS WHORE!", an alien loses his wings.'
That may be the funniest line ever written.

There doesn't seem to be any rules against punching, stabbing or gouging his eyes out however. As long as she is quiet about it that is.

*smirks silently*

cannot type...too busy passing out from hysterical laughter...

"Apparently, every time a woman screams "ASS WHORE!", an alien loses his wings."


It's even worse than you thought:


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