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October 14, 2005


Damn straight!

What is your problem exactly, that you have to be so wallowing in your own bullcrap that you have nothing better to do than be angry and make fun of people who have what you want??? How is she hurting you??? Just because she can have children and you cant? Spare me. So, if you make more money than I do, I can lambast you on my blog and make fun of you for what you have? I am not here to POKE FUN at you...your poking fun and being extremely mean to the Dugger woman. Pot calling kettle black?? And I am so glad you think I took your bait. I am so tired of this infertile WHY ME stuff you all spew, while being mean about others who dont suffer your problem. Or maybe they have but not to your degree. You dont know....she could have had several miscarriages before having those babies. Stop judging other people..it wont help you in your quest to find what you want. Oh, and one little question for you before I leave.....Do you really begrudge her for being happy just because you arent? if it could happen to you, wouldnt you be on the other side of the bitter fence and actually happy for someone else? Try it sometime...you might find that being happy for others and not so rude and cutting could benefit you some.

Melissa- I used to post with you way back when there was a pregnancy symptoms board (wishing2baby was my name)! I read your blog occasionally but don't comment because I never seem to have the time. I wanted to say that you have every right to be angry and bitter. You've been through so much shit and if you want to be angry that's fine. I had a m/c a while back and all I could think about is "how did Melissa do this more than once?" I cried so much when I found out you lost your little girl. Infertility sucks. These people obviously don't know the pain some of us have had. Especially you. You've endured a lot of pain. I just want you to know you impacted my life in a positive way. You have the right to be angry and bitter. Hell I'm angry and bitter for you! Ok back to lurking now.

Why are the real pain-in-the-asses always anonymous?


"What is your problem exactly, that you have to be so wallowing in your own bullcrap that you have nothing better to do than be angry and make fun of people???"

"Stop judging other people."

Have you tried taking your own advice?


We're allowed to be angry, hateful, bitchy, envious, or what ever else we want to be. Those who shit on us for it can just Fuck Off!

How am I judging you or anyone else here? I am not telling you your wrong for forking over your life savings to have a baby. I am not telling you your vagina is too damn tight because you havent had a baby. I am not judging you at all.

Why do the trolls always have such bad grammar? For the record:

your: a modifier before a noun to indicate posession, as in "your vagina"

you're: a contraction of the words "you are", as in "you're poking fun". It just sounds dirty spelled and punctuated the other way.

Delurking for a minute

Justme wrote: “How am I judging you or anyone else here?”

Try this:

“you have to be so wallowing in your own bullcrap”

“than be angry and make fun of people”

“...your poking fun and being extremely mean”
Judgment (Bad grammar aside)

“this infertile WHY ME stuff you all spew, while being mean about others”

“Stop judging other people”

Or is the irony of your statements confusing to you?

Sing it sister!

Why is it that trolls are always afraid to leave their contact info? Scared of some honesty? *sticks out tounge*

Please crawl back under the bridge you came from you are becoming boring.

Akeeyu and I must go to the famous bridge where there is a troll and pour some cement to keep them in. We'll make sure to throw in some grammar and punctuation books before we seal it shut. Sorry folks, I think our little city is responsible for the glut of trolls.

Who was it that said, "Well behaved women rarely make history"? It's true, no?

So, why the hell does anger=bad or bitter=ungrateful when it comes to women? If a man is angry, he's powerful. If a man is bitter, he's been wronged. It's an age old double standard that's as annoying as it is ignorant. Women have been told to "play nice" and "be thankful" for thousands of years for every measly crumb of so-called "equality" given to us by society. I'm bitter, pissed off and I'm going to say it, and so should every other woman who feels that way. And if you have a fucking problem with women who express anger ON THEIR BLOGS, then get the fuck out of our little corner of the Internet and go make lemonade and read the Bible or something, because you people are getting on my nerves.

I admit, I'm still laughing.

For the record, I am not being mean to the Dugger woman, if as you've so eloquently stated, she "didnt give one flip". She doesn't give a crap. Seriously. She doesn't. I PROMISE you. She is surrounded by her gazillion children and her husband and the ranting fumes of a group of angry infertile women don't phase her in the slightest.

I'm sure you will feel really great for defending her when you go to church on Sunday. Pat yourself on the back for being so vile to a bunch of damned infertile women.

Nothing you can say will actually inflict any damage on me, nor will it actually change the fact that I am envious that I cannot procreate. Ok? Get it?

You're like a big psychology experiment. I just can't understand why you feel the need to be so angry at US. Really.

To justme,

Why are you here? What do you possibly gain from debating women with whom you have no commonality? You will not win us over with any of your arguments.

You said "I am so tired of this infertile WHY ME stuff you all spew, while being mean about others who dont (sic) suffer your problem."

If you're so tired of this, then why do you visit our blogs? You are choosing to read our words. We do not go on television or publish articles in your newspaper denigrating fertile women. We are invisible to you unless you come to our blogs. So please go away. Do us a favor and let us remain invisible to you.

You know, I just want to give a big thank you to Just Me. As much as I love wallowing in my own bullcrap, you have made me feel a little more grateful to be me and not a small minded turd, like you.

Ok, this is what I LOVE. "Justme" is STALKING your Blog dude! She's actually coming back to read the comments ON HER COMMENTS. She could have just come in, spread her misinformed hate and then moved on - BUT NO, she keeps coming back, kinda like herpes.

Look "Justme", if you don't like us, if you think we're all caught up in ourselves and our woes, go away and don't come back. It's really so very simple.

Oh, and just for the record, if you fuck with one of us - you fuck with all of us. Leave your contact information so that we may in turn leave shit messages on your site or email.

Let me get this straight...if someone has cancer, its ok for them to go through the "why me" stage but NOT ok if you have infertility? A real medical condition that you can't control and didn't ask for? Why is it ok for people with certain illnesses and medical conditions to be bitter and angry but not ok for those of us in the hell of infertility? Maybe justme can explain it to "us."

...Amnesia waits for JustMe to school her on the finer points in child-rearing and journal commenting as an anonymous poster. And she waits. And waits... (and secretly hope that someone has pummeled the shit out of her rendering her unable to type)

justme - I hope you are still reading this. You are completely free to comment on my wife's blog within reason, just be expected to get your ass handed to you.

But I wonder why you decided to post now?

Why didn't you post when my wife was faced with the realization that she won't be able to have children naturally?

Where were you when she was under financial & emotional stress with enduring IVF?

Where were you when she went through a painful laparoscopy?

Where were you when she had her second miscarriage?

...her third miscarriage?

...her fourth miscarriage?

... and eventually her most recent miscarriage, after which we had already developed a bond with our baby girl?

... and required an abortion?

Hell, where were you when another troll - who was an ex-coworker of hers - mocked her HERE, regarding a post she made about abortion rights?

For someone who never posts here & isn't intimantly involved with the tight-knit group of women who deal with infertility & miscarriages, you have a lot of nerve to come into THEIR house & question their motives.

Ollie, you've got a good one there.

Thanks Brad.

Kate...Is there blogs out there that spew hatred towards people who don't have cancer? The point of my messages are about your hatred and meanness toward a woman who has children. You all think you can determine that she is having too many, when you all wish you could just have one. Gee, when did that become your mission in life? Too lambast people who have what you dont, but wish for. And Brad....I have my ass already. your wife isnt handing anything to me. She is being mean towards someone who has children for God's sake!!!!!! Be upset about something that matters to you personally, like the abortion right you so wonderfully agree with. Let everyone have their own CHOICE to do whatever they wish. Dont post a bunch of hatred toward someone who is CHOOSING to have children.

Oh justme. You are so wrong. Beyond wrong. You are like one of those clueless little hens that run around screaming for no fucking reason.

We aren't making it our life's mission, you stupid cunt. I posted ONE post about a woman who is bearing her fruit all over the damn place. I admitted I am jealous of it. I also said I think it is grotesque, my own fucking opinion. You are the one who seems to think we are being mean towards her.

And you're right. I haven't handed you your ass. Because I am still humored by you.

For the record, I didn't have an abortion--it was a d&c because my child had already died. But that doesn't matter because I do support women's choice.


Yes, there are cancerblogs that express anger and hatred at people who don't have cancer. Why the hell shouldn't they be angry? They have motherfucking CANCER!

No, I'm not going to tell you the address, because hi, you're a troll.

"Let everyone have their own CHOICE to do whatever they wish."

Ollie isn't doing anything to interfere with Mrs. Mullet's choice to have sixteen children. Ollie's choice is to have a blog where she chooses to express the opinion that hi, sixteen children is way too many.

According to you, she has that right, so why are you still so upset?


You dumbfuck - she had to abort our baby because it was dead. Yes, we 'wonderfully' agreed with the doctor that we would prefer to abort the dead fetus there at the hospital rather than my wife having to wait up to a week for it to naturally be aborted from her womb. But you wouldn't have known that would you?

If my wife is being mean, to someone who will never read this - what the fuck are you? Miss Manners? How have you decided to judge your role in this - in order to 'defend' someone, you have taken the very active role in being even a greater vindictive bitch that you assume my wife to be.

Great job, you'll certainly get front row tickets to Heaven now...

Maybe you need to let your husband know that little tidbit of info about the abortion, because he seems to be somewhat confused about the event. In any matter, why do you feel the need to post ANYTHING about this woman who is "spreading" her fruit? Be upset at the crack whores who leave those precious children to lay on cribs and never get food or diaper changes. Be mad at God for blessing those women.... But dont feel the need to talk crap about a woman who is doing NOTHING WRONG except loving children and having lots of them.

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