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October 13, 2005


I think somebody needs to go tend their mullet.

HAHA, justme, you're funny.

I think maaaaaaybe you should take your own advice and find something better to do with your time. Attacking infertiles--really--do you think you're being a good samaritan?

Or you can post again so I can laugh at you some more. Because I posted Troll Bait and you took it. That makes me laugh my ass off.

Congratulations Ollie, a troll, a real live troll! Woohoo!
The bait was too good to ignore...you are a genius, Ollie.

I know, Ollie -- I love that a troll took the bait. Well done!

In other news, that woman's hair has not changed since 1988. I kid you not. Check out http://www.jimbob.info/

And on another note -- "Jim Bob?" Really? So . . . you want the fact that you're dumb to be a foregone conclusion?

STFU you bitter bitch.

I think I saw her at a India Tsunami survivors thread a year ago, as they were complaining they didn't have any food & were jealous that people in the first world like USA get to eat all the time. In fact they were amazed that are people that eat to the point of obesity!

She then posted that no way in hell was she going to provide aid to a bunch of whiney 'me me me!' group of people. In fact, it's probably because God loves the good Americans & has cursed them.

First, yes, we are all funny. Humor is one of the few things that come easily in the world of infertility. It keeps us all from going crazy – and driving by YOUR home and blowing your head off. Seriously – bow to the humor. And duck next time a car comes by your house.
Second, someone who has children so easily and painlessly is going to be hated by us all. $20,000 or more per IVF with no guarantees promotes this kind of attitude. A woman that pops out 16 kids and is happy to let God give her more AND feels the need to show up on every newscast and talk show (just for the real reason of promoting her politically hungry husband) is at the mercy of us all.
As for the comment about God blessing her and not us because we have mentioned the size of her vagina – well, all I can say here is BITE ME! I wish I were more eloquent in this statement, but I am too busy bashing people that have children easily to dedicate the time to this. And speaking of being busy – if you feel that we are wasting our time writing these things, why are you wasting your God-blessed time reading it? Seriously. If you don’t like the writing here, move along. You will not be missed.
Infertility journals are not about God, or empathy, or sympathy, or children. They are about the never-ending search, the yearning, and the gut-wrenching emptiness associated with trying to have children. They are journals full of thoughts that are bitter, cold, funny, lonely, urgent, hopeful, sad, anxious, longing, soul-searching, and a million other things. They are life. Maybe not your life. But a life that many people live every day.
And finally, “children should be helpers.” Holy hell you are an emotional void. Children are many things to many people…but helpers? Jesus – hire help if you want it, but don’t have children for that purpose. And don’t mention that here again. Do you really think that is what all of us search for? Do you think that is why I struggled to have kids? Because I needed a helper? What an ass.

Amnesia...I dont think they go out searching for the news people. I think the news comes to them. They havent been in the news before 2 years ago which would mean they had 14 children and didnt give one flip to show you and the world all their blessings. They arent having children for some 15 minutes of fame. And as to your comment about 20,000 for ivf a reason to hate her?? Why??? Just because she doesnt have to do that? Thats reason alone to hate someone? God, your so petty. Can I hate you because your hair is blond or that your 129 pounds and I am not? Or how about I hate you because you got to go to a Dallas football game and I didnt? Wah! Be upset that your not getting pregnant, but dont begrudge others for not having problems. There is nothing that makes sense in that, other than childish jealousy. Who knows....you might have better hair than Michelle Dugger. Do you think she has a blog and is complaining about all those people with small vaginas who were blessed with cool looking hair. Damn them I am sure she is saying.. NOT!!!!!

Oh, and one last thing. Amnesia... are your children going to just sit around and have everything handed to them and be expected to do nothing around the house? If so, then I guess you will have what the majority of the world has. Then you can complain about it when they are teens. I am sure you will still have your little blog up to tell the world about how lazy your children are and how you wish they would hurry up and leave home so you can stop dealing with the stress of having them. Surely they wont need to be helpers to you in any way, huh?

My expectation's of my children and thier behavior is not a reflection of why I longed to have them. These two things are not one in the same.

I wanted children for a million reasons. I wanted someone to share my life with from the beginning of theirs. I wanted to watch them learn and grow. I wanted to have that unconditional, immidiate bond of love with another person. I wanted to raise a family with my husband and I wanted to watch him be a father, see a side of him I have never seen. I wanted us to see life in a new way - through a child's eyes - OUR child's eyes. But - I never, never, never, NEVER wanted children in order to have more freaking help around the house.

No - they are not HAVING children for fame - according to you they are having them in order to have more help around the house. I believe they are going public with it in order to promote HIS POLITICAL CAREER. He didn't need this help before, and now he does.

I am able to hate whomever I wish. Currently adding you to the list.

oh wait amnesia. I have been reading more of your blog and it appears you already complain about your teens. How on earth would I have known about that? Do you think Michelle Dugger has these problems?

I didnt say she had them to be more help around the house. I am sure she has that under control and probably has had it that way for many many years. But to say they shouldnt have responsibility (the children) which is what some here including you have said, is ludacris. They should help around the house, and they should help with the siblings. They dont do it all however, which is what you appear to think. I ask again....are your boys (not the girls who dont live with you) never going to wash dishes or take out garbage or possibly help you with other children you may or may not have? Or are you going to hire outside help to do that instead?

Justme, I just hate stupidity. (And I'm not even going to go down the slippery slope of an ad hominem and state the obvious).

There is a difference between expecting your children to be an active participant of a family unit and help out with the chores and to have it expected of them that they will help raise their siblings. The line is not that delicate the difference isn't obvious. That is the job of their mother, not a sibling.

Thats just it emily. They dont do it "all". They help as a buddy to a younger sibling. That means, they buckle them up in a carseat when they go on trips. They hold their hands in the parking lot. They possibly push that said buddy around in the stroller. They may give a bath or help them pick out clothes. They might even have to tie shoes or button the coat. Is that so hard?????? Oh, and then the older ones may have to cook the meal that night or toss in a load of laundry. Thats helping around the house in the way you said is okay though, isnt it. So, tell me....what is wrong with what they do? The mother teaches them. The mother nurses them. The mother buys the clothing and does the daily life issues, just like you and I, (if your a mother), but when your gonna say the kids do tooooo much and its just horrible, than that is stupid, because they dont.

Trolls must come out of the troll factory with short, stubby fingers. Because so many of them have trouble typing the apostrophe key. Such a long stretch for those furry, stunted little hands, to that part of the keyboard.

Or maybe they just don't know where it is. Perhaps this website would help guide the way: http://teflsmiler.typepad.com/weblog/2003/12/the_apostrophe_.html

Actually Justme, that's not what I'm saying. I believe they have foisted on them, responsibilities that they shouldn't have. I believe it's depriving them of some of the things of childhood -- the only time in your life when you have the ability to be free of responsibility. What I'm talking about, in terms of expectations of being part of a family unit are age apropriate things like setting the table, clearing the dishes. Only one child is 17 and I think that 17 is age appropriate to learn things like laundry and cooking (that's just my belief) and I don't think that only the 17 year old is doing those chores. And as for buckling into a car seat -- no way, I vehemently disagree that anyone but a legal adult should have that responsibility. It's just too risky -- what if they put the buckle in wrong because they are being a typical kid and they get distracted and if the worst thing happens and the kid is in an accident and suffers because of an ill fitted car seat buckle? Same thing with bathing children. Accidental drowning is just too real threat to expect children to be responsible for other children.

I am 8 years older than my youngest brother. My mother foisted on me the responsibility of changing him, feeding him and putting him down and waking him up from his nap. It's one thing to have me do that as a way of teaching, but something wholly different when it becomes a responsibility. And no, it didn't teach me a thing about how to be a parent because the last thing I ever want to do it be anything like my parents.

And no, I can't have children. That's why I'm hanging out on an infertility blog.

While I realize that I should simply ignore the trolling, and that my antagonistic replies are providing no value, I feel compelled to rant on. Must be the "must have the last word" thing in me.

Justme, you are obviously not here to share any useful information with anyone. You are not here to empathize with these women. You are not here to contribute to the humor. Why are you here? What value are you hoping to derive from this?

Why did you feel that you must post your opinion and bash us all yet you don't want to post your email address or site? If you are so justified in your beliefs why are you hiding behind an anonymous post?

Don't worry. I don't expect, or want, an answer from you. These are simply rhetorical questions.

My apologies Ollie for not having come to your aide early.

JustMe, you've never made fun of anyone in your life? Never walked by a guy with jacked-up hair and made a crass comment to your friend? Never?
The whole thing isn't about hate. We have no hate for anyone (well, other than you). Jokes, dumb-ass. It's jokes. We like to laugh around here, and sometimes it's at the expense of others. So what. They have funny hair and have many children. There's a lot of material there for some big laughs. We're not calling them at home and hurting feelings, or telling them how to live their lives. We're just making fun of them behind their backs like any decent person would.
If you object, then the obvious thing to do would be not read Ollie's blog. I object to many, many things. For instance, I'm totally against George W, so I stay away from the blogs that love him. I don't purposely go to those blogs and harrass the participants about how George is an idiot. They have the right to feel their own way, and to discuss it in whatever manner than feel fit.
People here have been through and continue to go through hard times. Have a little heart and understand that it isn't about hating her because she has children, she's just an easy target to make a lot of jokes about (C'mon....16 kids?!?). So what. Relax. Let us express ourselves, and you can start your own blog and talk about what idiots we are. In YOUR space.

I'll just pop in and say DITTO to thisgirl's post. Mainly because, as Ollie (and everyone that reads Julie's blog a little pregnant) knows, once I get started........

But yes Ollie, I am rolling around with you (in a fury mind you, but laughing nonetheless!) at how well the troll bait worked! BRAVA OLLIE!

What I want to know is, is it fair to expect your existing younger children to be watched by their older corresponding "buddies" while you are making #15 or #16 or, if it comes to it, #20? And if they are not being watched by their older siblings, how in the hell do you find time? The sperm must swim across the bed while they sleep.

Justme - It's "A LOT"...two words. It's not "ALOT". Is your husband named Jim Bob, too?

JUST ME is your name 'sandy'?

the internet works in mysterious ways -


Jinger = Pole dancer.

You know it's true.

And for the record, I'm jealous of their beautiful hair and fancy goin-to town dresses. Yeehaw.

"But to say they shouldnt have responsibility ... is ludacris." -- Justme

Justme, I understand completely what you're saying. It reflects ginuwine love for the big bois to prepare meals for da brats -- on Tuesdays I believe the menu is chilli, eminems and Ice T.


Comment Number 50! Yay Meow Meow!!!!

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