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October 13, 2005


I just wanted to post my apology to Ollie. I'm a complete ass. The truth is I have shit for brains, and zero compassion for other people. No one has ever truly loved me in life, therefore I sit around feeling sorry for myself and try to bring others down.
My rude remarks and arrogant attitude are overcompensation for a lack of intelligence and undesirable romantic life (I can't get laid).
I have chosen to attack infertiles because I'm jealous that they are at least trying to get pregnant, no one will touch me with a 10 foot pole.
Again, sorry Ollie.....I'm a stupid fuckwit with nothing better to do then bother you nice people. Infertiles are fabulous people that all deserve to be mothers, while I deserve to be roasted in a firey pit in hell.
Sorry bothered you all.

hee hee

Her uterus has it's very own zipcode.How fucking cute.

I'm an infertile and miscarrier and call me crazy, but I loved their documentary on Discovery Channel. It was like a freaking Hallmark Hall of Fame special. They seem to do a good job with their kids and can handle the chaos and the expense. (I also love the homeschooler/spelling bee/kid genius/Amish docs and, of course, the Waltons.) The mom seems like she wouldn't be a judgemental breeder but would pray that we all have a baby in the end. *sigh* Now I'm going back to my spinning wheel and rosary - bye! :)

Um, was a naive ho and just read all the posts above and don't want to be lumped in with the trolls. That's what I get for posting late.

justme = not cool

Now I feel better.

"Just because you CAN, doesn't always mean you SHOULD".

Amen to that. I think this family is totally freaky and cult-like.

I know I'm REALLY late on the post (just discovered your warped mind) BUT, it could be worse...you COULD live in Arkansas and get to hear about these "Fabulous roll models of good Christian parents" constant-fucking-ly....You can't freaking ESCAPE the Duggers 'round these here parts.... And although I do think they seem to be good parents, umm, 'nuff already? 'k?

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