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May 29, 2006


I love Peter Sarsgaard, love him, and I wouldn't begrudge him a Thor or Thora.

I am counting on Sarsgaard and Gyllenhaal to revive sanity in Hollywood. I love them both and will be deeply sad if they come up with a name like "Alouicious" or "Lead-Based Paint Chips" Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaard. Aaron would be a funny choice, though. Because you can't have too many double A's.

What about Jack White? ;)

Bluebell? What the fuck?

Bluebell? What the fuck?

I'm weeping inside that Sarsgaard has bound himself to another woman through procreation, but yes, I do hope that they don't gift the world with another Zolten.

I just read this on an AP article regarding the Jolie-Pitt baby:

Their baby... "was named Shiloh, which means "Peaceful One" in Hebrew and, according to a Bible dictionary, refers to the Messiah. ("Messiah" comes from "mashiach," Hebrew for "anointed one.")
The child's middle name, Nouvel, most obviously translates from the French, meaning "new." If one were to take a literal approach to analyzing the entire name, Jolie and Pitt could appear exceedingly bold in dubbing their daughter the "new Messiah."


Are you freakin' kidding me? Nick Cage gave his son Superman's "real" name? What a fuckwit.

Hope he ain't allergic to kryptonite.

I have to say, in the Midwest, Shiloh is not an uncommon name. I went to elementary school with one, then high school with another.

All the others, kookoopants, but Shiloh is OK.

It's pretty sad when, out of all of the celebrities who've spawned lately, one of the best -- i.e., somewhat normal -- names came from Britney Spears? I don't love Sean, but it's decent. (And better than Shawn.) And Ben-n-Jen's Violet is also nice. Moses is at least better than Apple.

I hate that I know all these names ... a free subscription to "Star" magazine recently showed up in my mailbox!

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